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There might be a Google Duo rewards program on the way

  • A teardown of the newest Duo APK issues to a couple type of Google Duo rewards program.
  • It turns out that Google goes to factor financial rewards to those that get their pals to make use of Duo.
  • Given the approval for Duo’s festival, a monetary praise might be the handiest way Google can get Duo extra customers.

Did that Google has a video chat app known as Google Duo? It’s like Facetime, Skype, or WhatsApp, however with a considerably smaller person base.

It seems like Google goes to take a look at to modify that with a new rewards program that can incentivize customers to get their pals to make use of Duo rather than whichever video chat app they lately use.

While the main points of the program aren’t but identified, a teardown of the most up-to-date Duo APK (by way of Android Police) obviously unearths code strings that time to a couple type of rewards program. How it’ll paintings and what the ones rewards will be is someone’s wager at the second, however the code makes it transparent that a device is in position:

<string title="rewards_invite_friends_hint_data">Free %s when pals sign up for</string>
 <string title="rewards_invitor_redeem_header">Congrats! You earned %s</string>
 <string title="rewards_invitor_redeem_body_text_cash">As a thanks for bringing %1$s to Duo, you get %2$s! Tap “%3$s” to redeem.</string>
 <string title="rewards_redeem_button">NEXT</string>

In the code strings, there are 3 signals that can most probably pop-up for customers:

  • Free _____ when pals sign up for
  • Congrats! You earned _____
  • As a thanks for bringing _____ to Duo, you get _____! Tap _____ to redeem.

Those blanks may be anything else from money rewards to credit score on the Google Play Store to reward card issues.

Keep in thoughts that code will get added to APKs after which taken away all the time, so this alleged rewards program may quantity to not anything. However, it makes very best sense for Google to institute one thing alongside those traces as Duo’s festival is Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, all of that are behemoths in the messaging sphere. If Google goes to compete with Duo, it’s going to need to perform a little critical pushing.

In comparable information, the APK teardown of Duo additionally printed a new “Pause” button. This is most probably going to be a way so that you can briefly turn-off your individual video feed all through a name, very similar to the present mute button for audio. It’s no longer transparent if the pause button will flip off each video and sound, or when you’ll need to hit each the pause and mute button to succeed in that.

If you don’t have already got Duo pre-installed on your telephone, you’ll be able to obtain the newest model right here:

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